Dog Sleeping With Alarm Clock And Sleeping Mask

Who doesn’t love pulling their blue cotton embroidered quilted bedspread up over their eyes and heading off to the Land of Nod? Sadly, however, it seems that a lot of us here in the UK simply aren’t getting the quality rest that we need.

New research from Aviva has found that 37 per cent of us say we’re not getting enough sleep, with more families now planning on taking steps to ensure better sleep in the coming year than planning to either eat more healthily or reduce sugar intake.

Sleep tracking and the use of monitors appears to be growing in popularity as people continue their quest for the perfect night’s sleep, it seems. The proportion of adults using monitors has almost doubled in the last year, with younger age groups the most likely to use monitors to help them sleep.

“Sometimes a few lifestyle changes are all that’s needed to boost your sleep levels, such as establishing a routine, eating dinner earlier in the night or avoiding TV and mobile phone screens before bed. Sleep trackers are also a great way of monitoring your rest patterns,” medical director for Aviva UK Health Dr Doug Wright said.

There are ways you can help maximise your chances of a good night’s rest. Why don’t you try having a hot drink before bedtime to help relax you or get stuck into a good book? After turning just a couple of pages, you’re sure to have drifted off nice and peacefully! Do you have any sleep tips you can share? Let us know.

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