4 Of The Best Essential Oils For Relaxation

Everyone knows the value of getting a good night’s sleep and being able to chill out when at home, but sometimes it’s all too easy to stay up late or it takes ages to nod off because our minds are whirring with everything that’s happened that day. Essential oils are great for promoting a sense of peace and relaxation – so here are four that could really help you get the rest you deserve.


This has been found to ease both insomnia and anxiety. It couldn’t be easier to use either – simply invest in a good aromatherapy diffuser or spritz a couple of drops on some tissue and put this under your pillow.


Blend this with the likes of ylang ylang, rose spikenard, lemon or mandarin (just a couple of drops each, along with some carrier oil) and then use it however you see fit. You could use it as a perfume, as a massage oil, put it in a footbath or even a few drops of chamomile on its own in your actual bath for some serious rest and relaxation.


The health benefits of this include helping with colds and fevers, muscle aches and pains, and headaches. It’s also thought it can aid your digestion. You’ll also notice that you feel more calm and relaxed and less stressed and anxious if you make use of this essential oil.


This is an incredibly spiritual essential oil so you’re sure to feel calmer and more relaxed when you use it. It also helps to reduce feelings of stress, anger and anxiety, so put a few drops in a diffuser and use it at home if you’ve had a bad day. It can also help to promote deep breathing, which will help you relax as well.


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